The Masque Of The Red Death, A Colorful Symphony of the Macabre, Releases on Blu Ray

“One of the best and most ambitious of the Roger Corman Edgar Allan Poe series,” according to TV Guide, The Masque Of The Red Death releases today from Shout Factory on blu ray. The current price is $22.99. The blu ray set comes loaded with bonus features including:

  • NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historians Kim Newman And Barry Forshaw (Extended Cut)
  • NEW Introduction By Film Historian Stephen Jones
  • Includes Both The Theatrical Cut And The Extended Cut
  • Audio Commentary With Author/Film Historian Steve Haberman (Theatrical Cut)
  • Interview With Producer/Director Roger Corman
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Gallery

You can order the release from Shout Factory in the US and Canada here.

Barry Falls Jr
Barry was the managing editor of his university newspaper before contributing as a freelance content creator for Yahoo News and Esquire. He founded Horror Theory in 2014 to analyze horror films through a sociological lens.

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